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Yeah, yeah, yeah – we know exercise is good for us……

Two studies about light exercise came out this week that is good news for those of us that hate the gym and like to do things “our way not the hard way” when it comes to moving around.

The first study I think we should all know about took a look at all this sitting we do daily– at our office desks, in the car, in front of the TV! We all know sedentary lifestyle is bad news for our health and our waistlines. But this study found that just 2-3 minutes of strolling around per every hour of sitting can undo the harmful effects of sitting the rest of the hour!!!

This is huge because all you have to do is get up – walk around the block or visit some co-workers upstairs and then get back to your desk at work. No gym sweating, no shower needed, little effort for big benefit!

The other study followed a group of men since 1972 and spans a period of 40 years to see how their activity levels at different ages affected their lifespan.

The bottom line? Light exercise lengthened men’s lives about the same as quitting smoking did. Men who were more active in their 40’s lived about 5 years longer than men who barely did anything.

The interesting finding? “Light exercise” was all it took to make a difference in lifespan – strolling, gardening, cycling. This did not have to be hardcore exercise or involve competitive sports!

The same study tracked these men into their 70’s and found that those who exercised more than an hour per week had a 32 to 56 percent lower risk of death compared to those who exercised less than an hour per week. I don’t think an hour or two a week is a lot to be strolling around! Especially if you’re retired!

The takeaway here? You don’t have to be a long distance runner, a weightlifter, or a competitive skier to reap the benefits of being active. A lot of our lives are spent sitting and while we make not be able to do much about that, we can make minor changes that make a big impact!! Just because you’re a senior citizen doesn’t mean you should be sedentary! Happy strolling……





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