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Protecting Your Eyes & Skin During Winter Sports

Snow reflects almost 80 percent of UV radiation, so your overall exposure is nearly doubled when skiing, snowboarding, shoveling, or playing in the snow.
If you’re headed outside, make sure to protect your eyes and skin with glasses that have UVA/B protection! My favorite picks are below:
1. Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Bolle Sunglasses ($24.99): These have UV protection, are fog resistant, and have double wall lenses to protect for trauma.
2. Ice Skating
  • Surf N Sport Goggles ($19.99): These are POLARIZED,  meaning they are anti-glare, protecting against eye sunburn.
3. Running and Cycling
  • Rawlings Eyeglasses (Adults $29.99, Kids $19.99): Scratch resistant lens that repeals sweat/oil)
4. Soccer
  • Rawlings Eyeglasses (Adults $34.99, Kids $24.99): These are a slightly more expensive POLYCARBONATE pair of sunglasses. Polycarbonate means they are SHATTER RESISTANT, which is good for ALL outdoor sports where balls are involved! Kids should always be shatter resistant if they’re playing a sport with balls.
  • Franklin Adjustable Eyeglass Holder Band ($2.99): This helps the glasses stay on your head.
5. Indoor Swimming
  • Speedo Fit Goggles ($19.99)
  • Nike Goggles (12.99)
  • Speedo Goggles ($21.99): These are good for competitive swimming because they are curved for 25% more peripheral vision if you are racing or competing.
6. Indoor Racquetball, Lacrosse, and Ice Hockey
  • STX Rookie Goggles ($24.99): These provide no sun protection because they don’t have a lens, so they’re strictly for eye protection from balls.
  • Miraflex Goggles ($200 and up): These are prescription sport goggles kids can use all day, inside and out.

7, My Favorite Outdoor Sport Sunblocks

These are sweat proof, waterproof, and easy to get close to eyes without stinging.

  • Banana Boat Sunscreen, SPF 50 (2 sticks for $6.99)
  • EltaMD Sunscreen, SPF 50 cream ($9 for 3 ounce bottle)
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