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Mascara Guide: Safe and Sensitive Eyes

We all want thick, beautiful eyelashes, am I right? But if we’re not blessed with natural ones, we need to find some SAFE alternatives!


I’ve been reading about mascara and eyelash trends recently, and wanted to share some of the safest options and best products for sensitive eyes. My favorite website than ranked the “Best Mascaras” is Reviews.com. Their new guide can be found here, but my top picks can be found below:


  • Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara
    • As noted on Reviews.com, “If you have sensitive eyes, but still want shocking eyelashes, this is the mascara for you. Powered by oils derived from olives to treat and protect lashes, this formula keeps its promises to lengthen, curl, volumize, and condition.”
    • This mascara is especially great because it is formulated without:
      • Parabens
      • Petrochemicals
      • Sulfates
      • Preservatives
      • Oil
      • Gluten
      • Dye
      • Talc
      • Fragrance
    • Find it here:


  • Best Hypoallergenic Mascara: CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara
    • A runner-up on Reviews.com, but one of my picks due to the fact that it is hypoallergenic and suitable for contact lens wearers.
    • Find it here:


  • Best Mascara Alternative: Magnetic Lashes
    • Voted by Allure as a Beauty Breakthrough, these lashes avoid any glue or messy adhesives. Plus, it helps minimize breakage and they’re reusable! Application and removal is so simpleno chemicals, no hassle!
    • Find it here:

Watch my segment on KABC about Lash and Brow Trends here!


  • Best Eyelash Enhancer and Lengthener: Grande Lash MD
    • A safe way to condition, lengthen, and enhance your lashes naturally. You can put this on underneath your makeup or at night time to grow your lashes and brows.
    • Find it here:

Watch my segment on KABC about Lash and Brow Trends here!


  • Best False Eyelash Applicator: Flirt Flashes Lash Applicator
    • Another Beauty Breakthrough from Allure Magazine, this applicator is a must-have if you want to try false eyelashes. This is a way to apply individual lashes to sparse areas with this hands-free, sanitary applicator.
    • Find it here:

Watch my segment on KABC about Lash and Brow Trends here!


Keep in mind that if you must use eyelash extensions, read the ingredient list before applying. Like other cosmetics, eyelash adhesives are not subject to FDA approval. You will want to avoid any kinds of allergic reactions to the glues, some of which have sometimes contained formaldehyde in the past.


Some of my favorite safe makeup trends can be found here!


Don’t miss the “5 Mascara Rules You Can’t Afford to Forget” at the bottom of this article. My favorites:

  • Toss your tube at the 6 month mark: Don’t mess with expired products and your eyes!
  • Your mascara is yours, and yours alone: Sharing means also sharing diseases!
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