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How Lifestyle & Diet Affect Your Eyes Daily

No one needs to hear about how an active lifestyle, together with a produce rich diet, lowers everyone’s risk for heart disease.


Now we know that these diet and lifestyle modifications have a clear effect on our eyes!


The intraocular pressure, not to be confused with our blood pressure, is the pressure kept within the eye at any one time to allow blood perfusion to its important structures. When eye pressure gets too low, we can have ischemic events or strokes in the eye. When it gets too high, it can lead to glaucoma, the “silent blinder” in our country.


This is the “tunnel vision” that glaucoma leads towithout us even realizing it until it’s too late!


A big study revealed at a recent EYE conference that there is direct link between eating foods high in nitrites, like green leafy vegetables and other produce, and a lowered risk of glaucoma and daily eye pressure elevations that lead to it.

The study also showed that sedentary glaucoma patients who then took up exercise experienced greater eye pressure reductions than those who already exercised regularly or remained sedentary!


So is this you most of the time?

Or is this you most of the time?

Increased consumption of those green, leafy vegetables was associated with a 20% to 30% decrease in the risk of even developing glaucoma.


This is one of the first good studies linking risk factors associated with heart disease with an eye disease like glaucoma. It should reassure us all that a lifestyle filled with exercise and leafy green vegetables does a WHOLE BODY GOOD!

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