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February is Heart Month

By now, you have probably noticed that this month is devoted to the heart. It isn’t just because Valentine’s Day falls in February—it’s because we need to remind ourselves about heart disease and how to lower our risk!


Did you know that heart disease number one killer in the United States?

About 600,000 people die each year from it!


So what’s the #1 risk for heart disease?

Bad cholesterol, also known as LDL.


It’s basically a plumbing issue. Years of eating fats, triglycerides, and saturated fats lead to clogging of the arteries that feed our heart, and ultimately the heart muscle dies from lack of oxygen.


Luckily, it’s easy to spot what foods have this bad cholesterol because it’s clearly labeled on foods. It’s up to US to limit or avoid these foods completely!


Did you know that you can eat certain foods to help lower your bad cholesterol?


To balance out any bad cholesterol you may be eating or have eaten, try eating:


  • Good Fats – Eating more of the good LDL fats helps to increase the LDL/HDL ratio.


  • Avocados – These fruits are packed with the good monounsaturated type of fat, and they have fiber to help flush out the bad stuff.


  • Apples With Skin – This high fiber fruit has pectin in its skin which help flush out bad HDL.


  • Lentils – They’re packed with fiber! Legumes are also rich in protein which make them a great substitute for fatty meats in your diet, keeping you full longer. There are different types so try them all!


  • Oats – Whole oats are high in soluble fiberthe type of fiber that binds to bad cholesterol and carries it right on out of our system!


  • Chia Seeds – These are a no brainer to have in your pantry because they have no taste and are easy to sprinkle over a salad or in smoothies. Chia seeds are packed with both soluble fiber AND healthy fats that drive down our bad cholesterol.


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