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Crystal Craze

I’ve been curious as to why crystals are so popular today. Like many, I appreciate the beauty of a crystal or gemstone, especially as wearable art.

Crystals are nothing new of course – they date back thousands of years and are an intricate part of many cultures around the globe. More and more people appreciate their beauty, in wearable art, as well as in practicing healing.

After some research, I’ve found a WIDE range of crystal-bearing companies and websites – from those showing us how to use crystals to invite more healing, love and abundance into our lives, to those wild medical claims about crystal healing properties.

One modern application of crystals to mention: crystals are used in all of our electronics like computers and cell phones. Through a process called piezoelectricity, crystals turn sound energy or vibration into electrical signals which technology interprets.

So we can thank crystals for serving as the conduit for our lightning speed internet connections.

I am the first to appreciate the beauty of crystals and gemstones in art and jewelry, and the internet is full of sites to help explain and guide people based on their age, birthday, and other characteristics.

There are many websites and video series to help people understand how stones may have healing properties, as well as help selecting which stones tend to work with an individual’s spiritual dimensions like: love, abundance, creativity, spiritual connection, and communication.

My take? If you believe, it helps.

Also known as the placebo effect, if you believe that, for instance, a certain gemstone worn with direct skin contact throughout the day keeps you optimistic and open to love, THEN IT WILL!
Likewise, if you believe that introducing a certain crystal into your home or workplace will support your goals and dreams, THEN IT WILL!

Of course, there is another side to this increasingly popular craze.

The big problem is that there are many false claims about abilities of crystals to help in health, claims often made in the name of making a buck! At best people waste their money, at the worst they fail to get treatment like physical therapy or visiting a healthcare professional!

Here’s my absolute favorite example of a false crystal claim:

Last year, on her blog GOOP, Gwenyth Paltrow posted multiple claims about crystal eggs sold on her site (for $66 each!). She claimed these eggs increased kidney strength (whatever that means), as well as “increase vaginal muscle tone, hormonal balance, and feminine energy in general.” Furthermore, pushing the sale of the Jade eggs, she pointed out that jade, as a gem, is a “powerful” material that “takes away negativity and cleanses.”

Placing a jade egg in your vagina takes away negativity? Maybe if you believe it. We certainly couldn’t measure this claim.

I promise my readers that there is NO EVIDENCE to show that jade eggs help with orgasms, vaginal muscle tone or hormonal balance. You can’t change your hormonal balance by putting a jade egg in your vagina.

More importantly, jade is a porous stone, so leaving it in one’s vagina overnight may allow bacteria to get inside, potentially causing bacterial vaginosis or even Toxic Shock Syndrome, a life-threatening complication.

So, at best GOOP followers wasted $66 on an egg that did nothing, and at worst they got bacterial vaginosis. And all along many may have avoided visiting their doctor and getting a possible diagnosis and early treatment for a serious condition.

So when it comes to crystals, be an informed consumer and educate yourselves please. Enjoy that beautiful gemstone and the good mood you feel it generates when you wear that bracelet on rough days. But never be duped into buying a crystal because it will help your urinary tract infection, unless you are using it conjunction with a prescribed course of antibiotics.

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0phthalmologist & Health Professional