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Dr. Annie joins Ellen Leyva and Colleen Sullivan at KABC Los Angeles to share trends in eyelashes and eyebrows! Dr. Annie's Favorite Lash and Brow Trends: Magnetic Eyelashes: www.onetwocosmetics.com Flirt Lash Applicator: www.flirtcosmetics.com Eyelash Conditioner: www.grandecosmetics.com Eyebrow Conditioner: www.revitalash.com Eyelash Curler: www.lauramercier.com

Today is National Sunglass Day 2015! A great day for Dr. Annie to get the message out to the country: Sunglasses are important!   Sun damage accumulates in our eyes and is a major contributing factor in several eye conditions : Sunburned eyes AKA "photokeratitis" - A short term problem