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So you’re sneezing, coughing and you have a runny nose. Are you sick or do you have allergies? The differentiation can be frustrating for patients and their doctors!   The reason it can be hard to tell the difference is that many symptoms of a cold can

The statistics are everywhere and they are alarming: Nationally 1 in 4 are addicted to opiates; up to 125 people die every day from overdosing on heroin and opioid pain medications   Over all, drug overdoses now cause more deaths than car crashes. The drugs that are killing

[spacer height="20px"]A new Nordic study just released the most interesting data about cancer and family risk we’ve seen to date!   [spacer height="20px"]They followed more than 200,000 fraternal and identical twins for over 30 years, and compared their risk of developing certain cancers to the rest of