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[spacer height="20px"]Most people struggle about talking to kids about cancer. Many decide to avoid the topic altogether!   [spacer height="20px"]Most recently when my grandmother passed away, I was very open with my children. They understood when their great-grandmother’s health turned for the worse, and I continued to

[spacer height="20px"]We all know that kids are easy targets for commercials boosting not so healthy treats – “Choco Dracula” and multi colored juice drinks get kids excited and ready to beg mom or dad to buy them.   [spacer height="20px"]Yet do parents know that we are actually

  [spacer height="20px"]It’s the topic NO parent wants to talk about. By the reactions I encounter when I mention LICE, you’d think I had brought up a topic like teen pregnancy or venereal disease. In fact your skin may be crawling just reading this. Imagine having

  [spacer height="20px"]1) ONE MORE TIME PLEASE – WHAT DOES SPF MEAN?   [spacer height="20px"]SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It is actually a measure of UVB protection.   [spacer height="20px"]To determine this, scientists mimic high noon sun indoors and expose people with sunblock and without sunblock and compare how long

Turns out we haven’t been doing such a great job of keeping our kids hydrated in this country.   A recent study shows over HALF of U.S. children are dehydrated. What exactly does this mean?   The study looked at how concentrated kids urine was – including over 4,000