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I’ve been curious as to why crystals are so popular today. Like many, I appreciate the beauty of a crystal or gemstone, especially as wearable art. Crystals are nothing new of course - they date back thousands of years and are an intricate part of many

[spacer height="20px"]Ever take a prescribed sleeping pill to help fall asleep? If so you are like almost 9 million Americans who take one of several prescription sleeping aids. Chances are that if you don't feel drowsy in the morning then you're likely to keep using

[spacer height="20px"]Our BRAINS are what we eat, drink and play at! [spacer height="20px"]What we put into our bodies and how physically active we are isn't just key to physical health and longevity. [spacer height="20px"]It's key to staving off dementia and keeping sharp well into the senior years. What

[spacer height="20px"]What exactly is passive aggressive behavior? Is someone around you like this? Are you? [spacer height="20px"]Not addressing directly a person or situation that bothers you leads to build up of negative energy. Maybe that knot in your neck gets worse. [spacer height="20px"]Maybe you can't sleep that