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Do you ever struggle with sticking to your exercise routine? Of course you do—you’re human!   It’s hard to keep up momentum, especially when we haven’t slept well, the weather is frightening, or our work week seems to pile up.   Each of these excuses is valid when

We’ve all heard the party line: Sitting is the new smoking. Maybe not exactly, but a sedentary lifestyle for a non-smoker is turning out to be as harmful as a pack a day over the course of a lifetime.   People who sit for more than about

During this busy time of the year, with screens lights galore, I invite you to turn off the lights for a bit and light a candle for your soul!   The constant light from our multiple screens and lighting around us creates a sensory overload to our

You may have heard that having pets is therapeutic for adults, leading to less depression and longevity. Now there’s evidence that pregnant moms and their babies can benefit from having a furry friend around!   A study was completed of over 700 mothers who had a dog

Recently, I discovered just how powerful my meditation practice can be. Over the past 2 years I’ve found benefit in 20 minutes of meditation each day. Sometimes I can only do 5 minutes. Sometimes I get a second time to sit! But no matter what,

I’m encouraged by all of the dialogue going on about the sexual harassment and physical threats that women in many professions have been enduring for years. It’s long overdue.   If I can throw a curveball in here - what about women who accept the harassment

Remember being told that if you sat too close to the TV you would end up needing glasses?   This is a myth that dates back to the 1960s when General Electric sold new color TV sets that emitted up to 100,000 times the radiation considered safe.