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Do you ever struggle with sticking to your exercise routine? Of course you do—you’re human!   It’s hard to keep up momentum, especially when we haven’t slept well, the weather is frightening, or our work week seems to pile up.   Each of these excuses is valid when

Originally published in Family Health Magazine.   Your child is coughing, sniffling, and sneezing and you want to help her feel better—fast. To the rescue: these simple, drug-free strategies doctors swear by to help their own children conquer their worst symptoms. To unclog a stuffy nose: A congestion-clearing

Americans are heavier than ever—so what’s our problem? We are confused! We have so much information thrown at us, so many diets touted as THE diet for you, our minds are spinning!   Read more about “Diet fads to avoid” here.   U.S. News & World Report just came

During this busy time of the year, with screens lights galore, I invite you to turn off the lights for a bit and light a candle for your soul!   The constant light from our multiple screens and lighting around us creates a sensory overload to our

Sure, the advent of modern antibiotics has literally changed our world: people don’t die from skin infections or bronchitis like they used to, and the common urinary tract infection doesn’t lead to infertility or death like it used to. All this thanks to multiple classes

No one needs to hear about how an active lifestyle, together with a produce rich diet, lowers everyone’s risk for heart disease.   Now we know that these diet and lifestyle modifications have a clear effect on our eyes!   The intraocular pressure, not to be confused with

You may have heard that having pets is therapeutic for adults, leading to less depression and longevity. Now there’s evidence that pregnant moms and their babies can benefit from having a furry friend around!   A study was completed of over 700 mothers who had a dog

A huge problem in medicine today is patient “non-adherence” to their medical regimen. Years of poor or non-adherence to medications leads to bigger costs down the line for many chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.   This poses a problem for the individual patients

Recently, I discovered just how powerful my meditation practice can be. Over the past 2 years I’ve found benefit in 20 minutes of meditation each day. Sometimes I can only do 5 minutes. Sometimes I get a second time to sit! But no matter what,