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Are there really benefits to drinking lemon water?   I've been hearing more about this trend and wanted to know if there is any method to the madness. I know citrus has its benefits, but is lemon water in the morning really all that important?   According to some

Have you heard of—or ever tried—a tamarind? If not, you HAVE to hear more about the benefits of this amazing fruit I’ve recently discovered! The tamarind is mostly indigenous to Central America, and when you drink its pulp it is D-E-L-I-S-H! This super fruit has powerful

Every once in awhile, solid research comes out that makes me feel OH SO GOOD about myself…and I’m happy to pass that feeling on to the rest of you java lovers! While previous studies have suggested a link between coffee and longevity, none have shown such

Apple cider vinegar has has many trusted applications and wide-ranging benefits. Here are a few of my favorite benefits: Stabilize blood sugar levels (You don't have to be a diabetic to appreciate this one!) Apple cider vinegar’s anti-glycemic effect is very well documented. Why? ACV prevents at least some of

Hey FDA! It’s about time!   Over the past 3 decades we have learned that our old way of thinking is obsolete: “Low fat” isn’t best. We’ve learned that fat is not something to be afraid of!   In fact, we’ve learned that good fats like omega-3’s are heart

[spacer height="20px"]I’ve always felt a tad guilty about my coffee habit. It began in medical school and, at its worst, this habit had me brewing two pots of coffee a day to keep me at my most alert and energetic. These days I have 2