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November 2015

[spacer height="20px"]I’ve always felt a tad guilty about my coffee habit. It began in medical school and, at its worst, this habit had me brewing two pots of coffee a day to keep me at my most alert and energetic. These days I have 2

[spacer height="20px"]We all know that kids are easy targets for commercials boosting not so healthy treats – “Choco Dracula” and multi colored juice drinks get kids excited and ready to beg mom or dad to buy them.   [spacer height="20px"]Yet do parents know that we are actually

[spacer height="20px"]America is #1 – that is, in terms of the number of people on prescription medications. We outrank the rest of the word in terms of how many people take meds regularly and the number of multiple medications people are on!   [spacer height="20px"]Don’t have time