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July 2015

[spacer height="20px"]Getting healthier can seem like a daunting task. Our busy days make us feel like making any changes are next to impossible! [spacer height="20px"]It’s important to remember that LITTLE STEPS are the basis of the long journey called life. Here are 5 tips that are

[spacer height="20px"]I recently blogged about how dangerous the global obsession with sugary drinks has become to our collective health. The purpose was to remind us all that we could tweak our liquid sugar intake a bit.   [spacer height="20px"]One sad soul took my advisements and actually commented

[spacer height="20px"]Living in the Northeast, I’m constantly hearing people concerned about contracting Lyme disease. And we all should be concerned. After all, 95% of Lyme disease cases occur in the Northeast and Midwest regions.   [spacer height="20px"]In 1995 there were only 11,700 confirmed cases in the U.S.

[spacer height="20px"]Ever take a prescribed sleeping pill to help fall asleep? If so you are like almost 9 million Americans who take one of several prescription sleeping aids. Chances are that if you don't feel drowsy in the morning then you're likely to keep using

  [spacer height="20px"]1) ONE MORE TIME PLEASE – WHAT DOES SPF MEAN?   [spacer height="20px"]SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It is actually a measure of UVB protection.   [spacer height="20px"]To determine this, scientists mimic high noon sun indoors and expose people with sunblock and without sunblock and compare how long