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June 2015

[spacer height="20px"]A worldwide study links the consumption of sugary drinks to an estimated 184,000 adult deaths each year; 25,000 of those are Americans.   [spacer height="20px"]The study, published in the journal Circulation, surveyed over 600,000 people globally.   [spacer height="20px"]The study included sugary beverages like sodas, fruit drinks, energy drinks

[spacer height="20px"]New research from a very well done study suggests that daily OJ and Grapefruit may increase melanoma risk, when compared to people who took in citrus fruits or juice only twice a week.   [spacer height="20px"]Looking closely at this study, the overall risk of melanoma was

Today is National Sunglass Day 2015! A great day for Dr. Annie to get the message out to the country: Sunglasses are important!   Sun damage accumulates in our eyes and is a major contributing factor in several eye conditions : Sunburned eyes AKA "photokeratitis" - A short term problem

Turns out we haven’t been doing such a great job of keeping our kids hydrated in this country.   A recent study shows over HALF of U.S. children are dehydrated. What exactly does this mean?   The study looked at how concentrated kids urine was – including over 4,000

[spacer height="20px"]Research has previously suggested a link between being overweight and breast cancer risk, but a new study shows stronger evidence linking body weight and breast cancer.   [spacer height="20px"]The large study has gotten a lot of attention because it looked at over 67,000 women ages 50